A tour of Bartlett with Mayor McDonald

Better Bartlett leaders Jaime Osborn and Phillip Walker review a map of the city with a Public Works employee

Better Bartlett leaders Jaime Osborn and Phillip Walker review a map of the city with a Public Works employee.

Late last month, we had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Mayor Keith McDonald to discuss his vision for Bartlett and to consider how we may continue to be of service to our city.

After a lunch meeting in the conference room at City Hall, Mayor McDonald took us on the same driving tour offered to executives considering doing business in Bartlett. We circled the entire city and explored Bartlett’s diverse neighborhoods, industrial areas, retail locations and public parks.

Throughout the tour we were able to ask questions about the opportunities Bartlett has to grow and expand, and about the city’s philosophy for maintaining our public infrastructure and investing in strategic areas of interest, such as Bartlett Station.

After the tour, McDonald invited us into the Mayor’s office to share his goals and priorities for the coming years. Of course, McDonald remains particularly interested in the formation of the Bartlett City Schools district and would like to see a smooth transition as its first academic year begins this August. His other goals include building a splash park at the Bartlett Recreation Center, revitalizing and improving access to W. J. Freeman park and attracting new retail business to the city.

Finally, McDonald said Bartlett needs more young men and women to take an active interest in the city and to gain the experience needed to step into leadership roles now and in the future. He said he would like to see dozens of young leaders getting more involved in Bartlett.

The Better Bartlett committee continues to explore ways to serve. Much of our attention remains on rallying behind the new school system and encouraging residents to support the district. We are also following local political developments and trying to keep Bartlett residents informed and engaged in civic affairs. We thank Mayor McDonald for sharing his ideas with us, and we appreciate all of our friends and followers for continuing to join us in these efforts.

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2 Responses to A tour of Bartlett with Mayor McDonald

  1. So says:

    I think it would be great for the city to host a half marathon.

  2. Jane Simpson says:

    As a long-time Bartlett resident, I really appreciate our city and its leaders! I have a Humana Silver Sneakers card that I can use to exercise in several facilities for free, but I like the Bartlett Rec Center best. Any chance of getting to use this card at BRC?